NSLI-Y Allumni  Sophia Seidenberg speaks... 

My experience as a student in the 2014 NSLI-Y Pune batch has had a profound impact on my personal and academic life, entirely thanks to the hard-work, thoughtful planning, and extraordinary care of the iEARN India coordinators. The attentiveness with which they organized every aspect of the NSLI-Y program made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the summer. This allowed me to fully delve into Hindi studies and family life in Pune without hesitation from the very beginning of the program.


            The iEARN India team creates a well-rounded program for NSLI-Y students. The two main parts of the program are academics and homestays. The academic coordinators and teachers adjust their teaching strategies and classes every day according to feedback from students and give each student personal attention and accommodations according to their learning needs. This wise pedagogy enables students to maximize their Hindi learning throughout the program. The iEARN team keeps students engaged during long days and weeks of classes by diversifying classroom learning, alternating between interactive activities and lectures. In the afternoons we would meet with language partners from our host schools, take music, art, dance, and yoga classes, and do community service. On the weekends we would practice our listening and speaking skills outside the classroom on local field trips.

NSLI-Y allumni speak....

iEARN-India Survey NSLI-Y 2018

What has been your most satisfying experience during your stay of  six weeks in Pune? 

  • Being with friends. I also became really good friends with my host sibling So that was cool.

  • Staying with my host family.

  • Hindi language learning

  • I loved my host family. They are my real family and it was the hardest thing saying goodbye to them.

  • I loved my host family. They made my experience in India worthwhile.

  • My most satisfying experience in the last six weeks was being able to go to school every day to learn Hindi 5 hours every day and immerse in cultural activities which gave me more insight about Indian culture. Our conversation time during class was the best experience I've had to understanding cultural differences and where I was able to learn more about my peers. In the end, coming to school every day was a great opportunity to be out of the house and learn something!